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February 2, 2024

Happy February! At the end of this month, we are holding our first quarter community meeting, and great news: it's walkable! Join us at 1226 E Powhatan for neighborhood updates and light refreshments.

As always, the HTCA will give updates on our 2024 goings on, we will hear from the Neighborhood Watch, AND we will have two great guest speakers:

  • Josh Berglund, Project Manager from Nelson Construction - to talk about the ongoing Stormwater Project and how that will be impacting Nebraska Ave this Spring

  • Lynette Cruz with the Access 2050 Long Range Transportation Plan for Hillsborough County - to talk about how the community can get involved in creating the vision for transportation over the next 25 years

Hope to see you there!

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Warm Regards,

Cassie Plumridge

HTCA President

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