The Hampton Terrace Community Association is an inclusive 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all residents of Hampton Terrace are automatically members.  We do not charge membership fees. Funding for the association is raised via donations, sponsorships and events. The Hampton Terrace Community Association, Inc. was formed and registered with the State of Florida on May 16, 2016 by a group of caring and dedicated neighbors. A need was recognized in our community for a neighbor’s association that was inclusive, transparent and above all actively engaged with its neighbors and businesses as a whole.

Hampton Terrace is one of several distinct neighborhoods within the greater Seminole Heights community in the City of Tampa and is a National Historic Designated area.

Lake Roberta is the crown jewel of our beautiful community, which is made up of homes representing a diverse buffet of classic architecture and style, with everything from gorgeous bungalows to stunning mid-century moderns represented. Hampton Terrace is one of the most sought after neighborhoods to reside in within the Heights communities.

Executive Board Members:

  • President - John James

  • Vice President - Jeremy Diez

  • Treasurer - Crystal Fox

  • Secretary - Alyssa Simpson Feliho/Courtney Babic

Board Members:

  • Courtney Babic

  • Shawn Blouin

  • Iris Lazarus

  • Cassie Plumridge

  • David Routen

  • Steve Sheridan

Beautification Committee:

Courtney Babic (Chair)

Communication Committee:

Courtney Babic (Co-Chair), Cassie Plumridge (Co-Chair)

Events Committee:

David Routen (Toastin the Terrace)

Pumpkin Patch:

Brian Frey and Bill Truett

​Welcome Wagon Committee:
Alyssa Feliho (Co-Chair), Mona Roberson (Co-Chair)

Email Address:


Mailing Address:


PO Box 9631

Tampa, FL  33674-9631

HTCA Bylaws - Click To Download