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The Hampton Terrace Community Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We aim to create a welcoming environment where residents feel a sense of belonging, empowerment, and pride in their neighborhood. Through inclusive events, initiatives, and partnerships, we strive to build strong relationships among neighbors, beautify our shared spaces, and actively engage with local businesses and city leaders to promote mutual prosperity and sustainable development. 


We do not charge membership fees, all residents of Hampton Terrace are automatically members.  Funding for the association is raised via donations, sponsorships and events. The Hampton Terrace Community Association, Inc. was formed and registered with the State of Florida on May 16, 2016 by a group of caring and dedicated neighbors. A need was recognized in our community for a neighbor’s association that was inclusive, transparent and above all actively engaged with its neighbors and businesses as a whole.

Since 2016, the HTCA has accomplished many projects and events for the community! From the beautification of Lake Roberta, to the Seminole Heights Great Pumpkin Patch, we continue to strive every year towards enhancing the neighborhood. Over the last 7 years the HTCA’s repertoire has been build up to include: Easter Parade & Egg Hunt, The Seminole Heights Great Pumpkin Patch, Summer in the Hamptons Block Party, The Kringle Mingle, the Welcome Wagon, Traveling the Terrace, Toasting the Terrace, Regular Community Meetings with Guest Speakers, Newsletters, Holiday Food & Toy Drives, School Supply Drives, Pancake Breakfasts, Entrance Median Improvements,  Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful Cleanups, and many other neighbor led initiatives. Any money that is made through the HTCA is put back into the community through various organizations. 


Be on the lookout for some pretty exciting events for 2024!

HTCA Bylaws - Click To Download

Executive Board Members:

  • President - Cassie Plumridge

  • Vice President - Courtney Babic

  • Treasurer - Jeff Millburg

  • Secretary - Crystal Fox

Board Members:

  • David Routen

  • Alyssa Simpson Feliho

  • Veronica Malfer


Beautification Committee:

  • Courtney Babic

Communication Committee:

  • Courtney Babic - Website

  • Cassie Plumridge - Emails and Social Media

Holiday Committee (except Pumpkin Patch): 

  • David Routen

Pumpkin Patch:

  • Cassie Plumridge

  • Jeff Millburg

​Neighbor Connections Committee:

  • David Routen (Toastin' the Terrace)

  • Crystal Fox

Summer in the Hamptons:

  • Crystal Fox

  • Veronica Malfer

Charitable Giving (School Drive and Non-Profit Partnerships):

  • Jeff Millburg

  • Veronica Malfer

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