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Hampton Terrace Community Association (HTCA) is honored to announce we were awarded the 2018 Hillsborough County Neighborhood Recognition Award for Communications. We could not have accomplished what we have without the support of our Hampton Terrace neighbors, our local businesses, the surrounding associations and friends. We have been successful because of you!
In May, we will be celebrating two years as an organization.  This award only means we have to work harder with our communications and we will continue to promote and build positive relationships within Hampton Terrace, our surrounding neighborhoods as well with the city and county.


As a neighborhood association, we are committed to connecting neighbors with neighbors. HTCA is an association that neighbors know the board and you expect now that we will keep you in the know.  We have monthly meetings, we use social media, our email list is now close to 250. Our newsletter, Terrace Talk is delivered to all households. We are now approaching nearly 100 Welcome Wagon baskets delivered. 


Our association led by Brian D. Frey in 2017 during Irma and the 51 days of terror by a serial killer provided the strong leadership and communication needed. Mayor Buckhorn in his 2018 State of the City speech last week commended Brian and Hampton Terrace as well as Stan Lasater in SE Seminole Heights for their strong leadership. We were the neighborhood association who kept you informed Hampton Terrace. We have rebuilt and reestablished strong relationships with the rest of the communities in Seminole Heights.


It was an honor as we sat with Stephen Lytle (S Seminole Heights) and Stan Lasater (SE Seminole Heights) during the recognition awards (See Picture - Seminole Heights Association Winners). We share common goals which are to give back to our communities and involve our neighbors in efforts to improve our neighborhoods. 


HTCA has worked hard to improve our relationship with the city.  And over the past year, the city is working with us.   An example is our cleanup next week that will be supported by extra efforts by code enforcement to clean up a few areas.


We do our best to do exactly what a volunteer neighborhood association is tasked to do. We want our residents to have the opportunity to exercise their civic responsibility.  When we engage our neighbors to use their talents and gifts to be part of something, we can guarantee great things will happen; and they have.





Seminole Heights Association Winners
2018 Hillsborough County Neighborhood Winners

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