WE NEED YOUR HELP - Fundraising Is Underway to Restore the Median Sign, Landscaping, Electrical Wiring and Lighting


The Median and Landscape Committee presented their plans to the Hampton Terrace Community Association to restore the sign, improve the landscape and upgrade the electrical and replace the old lighting with LED Lamps.  The Board approved the plans and the committee presented to the neighborhood in June 2021.  

The budget is set at $12,500 and the HTCA will donate $1500. It's now time to raise funds to complete the project.


The sign cost is $3200 and the Committee selected Bethune Signs as the contractor. The material poly board is sturdier and more resistant to the extreme heat, dry and wet spells.  We expect the life expectancy is 30 or more years and can be repainted as needed.


The landscaping budget is $2500.  Electrical and lighting costs will run between $4000 to $6000. The budget will be dependent on the amount of existing wiring that can be used, a new timer, new LED fixtures and City of Tampa code requirements.  Click on the RED button below to review the plans.        

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Once you turn onto Clifton from Nebraska, a charming neighborhood appears!  One of only two entrance signs in the City of Tampa, a previously welcoming median with a well-manicured landscape and a beautifully lit, unique trellis sign, is unfortunately no more. The sign has rotted, the landscape is in bad shape and the lights have seen better days.


The Sign and Median Restoration Committee met for the first time in August 2020.  The committee is led by Bill Truett and includes our neighbors - Brian D. Frey, Michelle Benningfield, Dom Ivener, Karen Taylor, Carol Sivard, Nic Wendland and Sid Roberts.  The committee is tasked to bring back plans to restore the sign, repair the monument bricks, update the lighting/electrical and to create a Florida friendly landscape. 

It's important to let our neighbors know why this project is a significant piece of history for Hampton Terrace.  In 2001, the entrance was a crumbling, dry fountain surrounded by weeds.  A neighbor’s son, Steven Harris, proposed an idea to spruce up the gateway as an Eagle Scout Project. The neighborhood worked together with the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association and City of Tampa to build the sign and monument, as well as install landscaping. It was a bold project that required funds to be raised and approvals from the City of Tampa, but in 2003 the project was completed. A photo of the completed project was supplied by Donna Harris, Steven's mom, who still resides on Idlewild. It is our plan to follow the well documented blueprint created by the committee in 2001.

We have a tremendous opportunity as a neighborhood to work together, and continue to connect neighbors with neighbors.  If you have any questions about this project or want to volunteer or donate, please email us at info@myHTCA.org.

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Median Sign preparation 2002
Photo Credit: Donna Harris